Two students working in booths, on laptops, for St. 凯特的 healthcare management 在线 degree

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Are you passionate about using business knowledge to improve healthcare? Get ready for fast-growing healthcare management careers and build your 领导能力 portfolio with our 在线 bachelor's degree in healthcare management through St. 凯特的 College for Adults.



Time to completion: 21-24 months


Cost per credit (2023–2024): $500

Start: Fall, spring, or summer

招生 & 援助


Transition to a New Role in Healthcare

If you have previous professional experience or education relevant to healthcare, the 在线 healthcare management program is designed for you. Working professionals who are interested in transitioning to the healthcare industry may also benefit from this program.

In the healthcare management program, you’ll study business practices, 领导能力, and support services used by health sector leaders to identify, 治疗, prevent and control disease, 病, 和伤害.

College for Adults students have a wealth of experience, 包括工作, community and volunteer activities. We value the learning you've acquired outside of the classroom, and offer ways to turn those experiences into credit you can use toward your bachelor’s degree, saving you time and money. Do you have previous experience related to the field of healthcare management? Eligible students will work with 教师 advisors to assemble a portfolio, documenting course learning outcomes that were met on the job or through other experiences. 如果得到批准, up to 12 credits may be applied toward the bachelor’s degree, with a $50 assessment fee per credit.

While pursuing your bachelor's degree, you may be eligible take up to two courses in St. 凯特的 医疗保健工商管理硕士 or Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. Courses will count toward both your bachelor's degree and master's degree.

Woman working on purple laptop representing St. mgm集团's 在线 医疗管理 degree for adult learners
职业生涯 in 医疗管理

Demand for medical and health services managers is growing rapidly, with median annual earnings of $99,730, 根据美国.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Nearly 25% of all new jobs created within the next 10 years are projected to be within the healthcare sector. 作为圣. 凯特的 在线 healthcare management degree program, you’ll be prepared for careers in

  • 诊所
  • 医院
  • health information and technology
  • 健康保险
  • long-term care facilities