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Are you passionate about achieving social justice through public policy? With an emphasis on applied policy research, a public policy major from St. 凯特的圣. Paul campus will help you use economic and political tools to identify policy problems and evaluate the impact of policies and programs. You'll learn the political context of public policy as well as the underlying economic models in order to understand how to build a just and sustainable society.


Take 32 credits per year to finish your degree in four years.

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The Tools You Need to Understand and Shape 公共政策

Our public policy program emphasizes issues of justice and equality, applied research skills, a combination of both quantitative and writing skills, and the importance of women’s leadership in government. You’ll pair broad theoretical work with applied skills needed in today’s policy analyst roles — including cost benefit analysis, 政策评估, 数据可视化, and how to craft an effective policy memo.

This powerful degree provides students with important policy tools like proficiency in statistics, a strong grounding in 经济学 and 政治科学, and depth of study in major policy issues. 学生 can focus on issues such as inequality, discrimination, and healthcare.

A major in public policy at St. 凯特的 may gain practical experience through an independent or collaborative research project or an internship. Collaborative research allows students to work with 教师 and apply their skills to real policy problems. St. Kate’s public policy students have worked on real-world projects, such as racial profiling in Minneapolis and hiring and retaining teachers with Minneapolis Public Schools.

Economics department, public policy administrator at St. Catherine University in St. 保罗,明尼苏达州.
职业生涯 in 公共政策

With a degree in public policy from St. 凯特的, you will be well-prepared for a career in

  • social justice organizations
  • government agencies
  • 当选办公室
  • 非营利组织
  • non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

To be an advocate for a more just world, you need a combination of quantitative skills, concise and professional writing, and a thorough understanding of the political process. 因为圣. 凯特的 public policy program is designed to help you lead in today's social justice fields, you'll hone your skills in statistics, 经济学, 政治科学, and professional writing.